Behavioral Health Outpatient Services

  • Screening, registration and referral
  • Treatment/service planning
  • Individual/group therapy and counseling
  • Family/collateral therapeutic support and education
  • Continuous treatment teams
  • Other medically necessary therapeutic services

Need Support? Help Is Now Just a Click Away!

We've made it easier for you to get emotional health care when you need it. You can go to our online programs anytime and anywhere. And you progress at your own pace!To get emotional health support, you can access these programs:

SmartScreener - Answer questions about topics you may not think about, like sleep and pain. Depending on your answers, one or more of the following programs may be recommended:

  • ComfortAble® - for chronic pain - 7 sessions to complete
  • FearFighter® - for anxiety, panic and phobia - 9 sessions to complete
  • MoodCalmer - for mild to moderate depression - 4 sessions to complete
  • OCFighter - for obsessive-compulsive disorder - 9 sessions to complete
  • RESTORE® - for sleep problems - 6 sessions to complete
  • SHADE - for alcohol or substance use - 10 sessions to complete

To enroll, go to Click on "Sign up".